Jaqxun on a rare day off-call

Midwife Jaqxun Darlin CPM, LDM

I am a midwife and educator at Every Body Midwifery and Health, a midwife at Canyon Medical Center, and the Director of Professional Development for the Midwives Alliance of North America. I came to midwifery from my background in community health work, education, and health equity activism. I began doing birth and postpartum doula work in 2001, and began midwifery training in 2010.  I attended Birthwise Midwifery School and apprenticed with both rural and urban homebirth practices in Minnesota and Maine, and Cambodia. I became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) in 2014 and am an Oregon Licensed Direct Entry-Midwife (LDM) as well. My commitment is to give each family I work with the unique, attentive support they deserve.


Midwife Emerald Mansfield ND

I began my midwifery training while I was a student at the National University of Natural Medicine to become a Naturopathic Physician (ND). I apprenticed with a busy homebirth practice and at an even busier birth center after taking a break to finish my degree and take care of my son, Akash, now 4. I also completed clinical rotations at Outside In in Portland, OR and at at other sliding scale clinics in town before opening my own family practice, Emerald Family Medicine. I am excited to be working with Every Body Midwifery and Health offering midwifery care and fertility services, and offering continuing care to families as a physician.


Mindy Harshman CPM

I am a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), educator and herbalist. I also provide placenta encapsulation services. I was witness to the home birth of my sibling at age five, showing me that birth is a normal part of life. I began a career in medicine in home health care and worked as a nurse aid in the hospital. I trained as a doula in 2007 and then went on to attend Birthingway College of Midwifery in 2008. My own child was born at home in 2012.  I chose midwifery because I wanted to support families in experiencing the personal empowerment that comes with making your own informed choices for yourself and your family.