What does midwifery care look like with Every Body Midwifery & Health?

Consultation Visit
We understand the importance of finding the right care provider for your pregnancy and birth. We offer all folks interested in joining the Every Body Midwifery & Health community a no-cost, no-obligation consultation visit. This visit is a chance for you to ask questions, meet the midwife, and get a sense of what care with us will be like for you. We also help people get connected and supported by offering referrals to other care providers for their pregnancy and birth or other supportive services, whether or not you decide to have your birth with us. While we welcome families to join us for care at any point as long as we have room in our birth calendar, we encourage you to meet with us by your 12th week of pregnancy when possible.

Prenatal Care
One of the perks of choosing Every Body Midwifery & Health is that we come to you. We offer prenatal visits in the comfort of your own home, and each visit is anywhere from 45-60 minutes. We do the same things other care providers do to monitor you and your baby’s well-being, like checking blood pressure, lab work as needed, listening to the baby’s heart and measuring the baby’s growth. During these relaxed visits, we also offer support, comfort suggestions, in-depth education, and answer your questions as your baby grows. We give time and attention to the more subtle changes and challenges that can come up during pregnancy, and believe that when you feel supported in all aspects of your well-being, not pregnancy monitoring alone, we create stronger, healthier, happier families. We follow the same schedule of care all obstetric providers use.

Labor & Birth

We are on-call for you 24/7 once you enter your "due window", roughly 35-42 weeks of pregnancy. You can call, text, or email anytime with questions and concerns. Once you are in active labor (or in early labor and you need us), we arrive quietly at your home. We do a thorough check up on you and the baby, listening to the baby's heart, making sure that you have what you need and that both you and the baby are doing well. We tailor our labor support based on what you've shared with us about your desires and how the labor is going. We carry all of the equipment we need to assist you in having a safe birth, we essentially bring the birth center to your house! Most of the time, we need very little of the equipment, herbs, and medications we carry, but it is all there if we need it. We have tubs available for our clients who want to labor or birth in the water.

When the baby is born, we center you, your family or support people, and the new baby; we stay in the background as much as we can while also monitoring you and the baby to ensure you are both healthy and stable. Once the placenta is delivered and everyone is doing great, we sneak away to give you some time to bask in the magic of your newest family member.  Before we leave, typically 2-4 hours after the birth, we clean up all of the birth stuff, start your laundry, make you a meal, and do a complete head to toe newborn exam. We make sure you've had a chance to get any questions answered and that you've got everything you need to settle in for a well-deserved nap.

Postpartum Care and Newborn Care
Midwifery postpartum care is very different than hospital care, because we come to you - no packing up your baby in a car seat and waiting in a waiting room. Postpartum care is our passion here at Every Body Midwifery & Health, and we pride ourselves in offering the support you need to feel confident and to trust your own parenting instincts. You get to have in-home visits at 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, and 6 weeks. If you need an additional visit or two to help with nursing or other new skills in the postpartum, we include that in our package of care. Visits are typically 45-60 minutes and we do a thorough check-up on you to ensure that you're recovering well, answer any questions, and have adequate support. We also do a complete check-up on you baby, making sure that nursing or feeding is going well and that baby is healthy and strong. We also offer the Newborn Screen in the comfort of your home, and make sure you know where you can get other support services as needed.